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The Australian Horizons Foundation

The foundation supports Australia's rural communities suffering from drought, severe debt, stress, lack of food, water, children's education and downturned communities.

Originally founded in Far North Queensland in 2011, the then Gulf Horizons Foundation formed as a response to the downturn caused by the live export ban, floods, and fire throughout vast grazing and farming communities. Crippling debt and pressure from financial institutions soon followed, and now aggravated by severe drought throughout rural communities in Australian States.

Reimagined as the National Foundation for Rural Australia, the focus became raising substantial funds from many sources, then distributing those funds Australia wide, to rural organisations, charities, associations and communities, in order to support delivery of a range of services and supports to rural families, communities and small towns.

As of June 6th 2016, the Australian Horizons Foundation has turned their focus to 6 key areas that we can all support.

Health - Humanitarian - Water - Community - Business - Education

Through multiple avenues, such as raffles, corporate sponsorships, donations, grants and memberships, The Australian Horizons Foundation has distributed over $5.23 million to rural Australians.

LPE are proud to partner with the Australian Horizons Foundation to support our rural communities.

To find out more, visit the Australian Horizons Foundation site here.