Board of Directors

Justin Pettett

Non Executive Chairman

Justin has over 20 years for ASX company experience having founded and helped built businesses and taken companies from start-up to the take-over / acquisition / public-listing stage, working closely with the key stakeholders, investors and industry partners.

We has a solid, proven track record in identifying and maximising business opportunities, particularly in the energy sector with the strengths including capital raising, negotiation, investment analysis and leading teams to deliver successful results. 

Justin is a co-founder of LPE and as such has operational and strategic insight into the electricity retailing industry.   

Damien Glanville

Managing Director / CEO

Damien is a co-founder and architect of designing the electricity retail model that successfully enabled LPE to obtain their Australian Energy Regulator Authorisation, and is also listed as the Chief Executive Officer for the Management components of the Australian Energy Regulators authorisation to retail electricity.

Appointed 11 December 2015

Melissa Farrell

Executive Director / CFO

Melissa has over 15 years experience working in accounting and finance. She has worked in various sectors, including banking and mining, both in Australia and overseas, for public listed companies.

Appointed 31 May 2017