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Customer Switching

Here's some handy information about the new changes to the energy market and how customers can switch providers quicker and easier.

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What is Customer Switching?

Major changes have recently been made to the energy market and the way in which customers can change provider.

As of the 1st October 2021, customers can request a change of provider and switch to their new provider in 2 business days. Prior to this, transfers could take weeks or even months to complete.

What does this mean for you as a customer?

This will allow households to save money on their electricity bills by switching to a provider with better prices. It will also make the process of switching providers much easier and quicker.

What are the transfer times for basic meters?

It may not always be possible to carry out an actual read of your meter with the 48 hour timeframe. When this is the case, you will receive an ‘estimated read’ provided by the relevant network provider which will allow your new provider to open your account.

All other timeframes after 48 hours – will transfer across on an actual meter read

What are the transfer times for smart meters?

Smart meters take a reading of your usage every 30 minutes and send this to your provider. If you have a smart meter, your account will be transferred on the next meter read after you have informed your provider of your transfer.

I don't want an estimated read of my meter - can I request an actual read?

Yes, you can request to transfer with an actual read of your meter. This read will be taken by your network provider, either Energex or Ergon, and then sent to LPE to open your account.

Please note, there may be 'special read fees' for this reading. These are charged by the network provider, and LPE will pass this cost on to you.

Special Read Fees:

Energex: $11.53 (excl. GST)

Ergon: $35.98 (excl. GST)

Further Questions?

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