Shared Solar for Apartments and Townhouses

If LPE's solutions is viable for my site, who is responsible for the maintenance and care of the solar system?

LPE's solution includes installation, maintenance, and ownership of the solar system for the term of the agreement (currently 10 years unless the body corporate buy the system earlier). During the agreement term, we also take care of any warranty claims. The site's property insurance must include cover for loss or damage, or loss of use, of the solar infrastructure to the agreed value, and LPE will pay the excess for insurance claims (that do not arise from anything done or omitted by parties associated with your site).

What happens if the system gets damaged?

LPE solar systems are the very best in quality, so they are tough and durable - built for Queensland’s weather. If any damage or loss of use occurs, you must contact us immediately. LPE will assess and arrange repairs to ensure your system is back up and running with little downtime. If a claim on you property insurance is involved, LPE will coordinate and, if issue did not occur from anything done or omitted by parties associated with your site, LPE will pay the insurance excess.

Can a mounting system cause damage to my roof?

Our expert team are fully qualified with long term experience in installing solar systems. Mounting systems relevant to your roof type are installed correctly to ensure even weight distribution. If the installation cannot be installed successfully on your site roof, this will be identified during the site investigation process. If a solution cannot be implemented, LPE will withdraw the shared solar proposal well before installation.

Can inverters be noisy?

The high-quality inverters used in LPE installations are very quiet and usually installed in the garage or an exterior wall. Even if there is minor noise, it will blend with normal background noise and not be noticeable. LPE installation technicians will investigate the best position for your site and take your preferences into consideration.

Why is it free? How do LPE recover their cost?

LPE has focused on electricity solutions for multi-tenanted or strata sites for several years and has been the market leader for innovative and economic initiatives. We continually research new technology and inventions, and brainstorm strategic ideas to solve problems. Solar has been out of reach for many body corporate committees and unit owners due to limited access to roof space and financial burden for the capital outlay and maintenance.

Investigating ways to help strata sites achieve their common goal of being more environmentally friendly and sustainable led to LPE's solution of installing, maintaining and owning the solar system. The design delivers solar to common areas and units without the financial obstacles. We can cover the cost because unit occupiers join LPE and buy electricity through LPE during the agreement term. It's a win-win solution.

Your site is investigated thoroughly and if viable for installation will benefit from renewable solar energy that traditional homeowners have been able to access for years. LPE benefits by welcoming unit occupiers as guaranteed customers for the agreement term. The body corporate can purchase the system at any time and indicative pricing is provided which reduces over the term to the price of $1 at agreement end.

Who installs the system?

LPE engages accredited and licensed electricians with long term solar experience and knowledge. The quality of their workmanship is also guaranteed.

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