Together we can then power the Sunshine Coast Economy.

We are local - like you, based right here on the Sunshine Coast and we want to help support our local businesses by giving your customers a $50 gift card* to spend with you. All your customers need to do is join LPE. There’s no cost to be involved, we just want to support our local businesses and our grow our local economy.

What your business will get:
  • LPE Marketing Icon Yellow png Free Marketing

  • LPE Advertising Icon Yellow png Free Advertising

  • LPE Document Bill Icon Yellow Marketing Collateral

  • LPE Marketing Tips Icon Yellow png Marketing tips for you customers

  • LPE 50 Gift Card Icon Yellow png No limit to how much you can earn

How it works?

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Join the campaign today

There’s no cost to be involved. We give you everything to make the most of the campaign and make it easy for your customers to get $50 to spend with you.

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Promote your involvement

We give you marketing material to promote the gift card campaign to your customers

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Your customer join LPE

It's simple and only takes 3mins to join

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Your customers get $50

LPE sends them a $50 gift card to spend with you

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They spend the $50 gift card with you

Customers come and spend their $50 gift card* with you and hopefully a little bit more.

Your customers get $50* to spend with you.

It’s more important than ever that we all support local, shop local, choice local and buy local. All your customers need to do is join LPE.

Your customers get:
  • LPE 50 Gift Card Icon Yellow png $50 gift card to spend with you

  • LPE Savings Icon Yellow Great upfront electricity rates to save on the electricity bills

  • LPE Australia Icon Yellow png Us as their local Queensland electricity provider

Free Marketing
Free Advertising
Marketing Collateral
Tv ad

Free Marketing

We are going to promote all our local businesses apart of this campaign to new and current customers


Thumb up A landing page this will include your business logo, description, and link to your site or socials
Laugh 17 Inclusion in our emails and monthly newsletter to all our customers (We have thousands of locals)

Free Advertising

We are going to promote this campaign on local TV, Radio and all across digital channels. Your business will gain the benefits of being part of this.


Bulb 63 TV
A heart Radio
B check Social and Digital Assest

Marketing Collateral

We will give you flyers, posters, stickers, digital and social assets to promote your involvement to your current customers to encourage them to join LPE and then get the $50* to spend with you.


Wallet 90 Flyers
Laugh 17 Posters
Thumb up Marketing tips and tricks


What do you need from me to be involved?
All you need to do is join via the join now button above. We will then be in contact to collect your logo and business description.
What does it cost?
There is no cost to be involved. We just want to help our local businesses and power the Sunhine Coast Economy.
What if I have my own gift card?
If you have your own gift card, we are happy to buy these off you and send them out to your customers that sign up.
What are my obligations to be involved?
There are no obligations to be involved in the campaign. Promoting your involvement will however let more customers know they can get a $50 gift card* to spend with you.
I don't have a gift card
You don't need your own gift card, we will supply the gift card for you. It will state in the welcome letter to your customers that it can be used at your place of business. There is no need to do anything else. It can be used as an EFTPOS card.

Join our Powering the Sunshine Coast Economy Campaign now