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Queensland Government Asset Ownership Dividend

Here's some handy information about the Queensland Government Asset Ownership Dividend

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What is this dividend?

The Queensland Government has committed to this fifth Asset Ownership Dividend payment of $50 for 2021-22.

Four previous payments were provided to eligible households in 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 (as part of the $200 COVID-19 Utility Relief Payment) and 2020-21.

Who is eligible for this dividend?

Residential properties with an open electricity account as at 31 August 2021 (excluding those with ‘unknown occupant’).

How will I know I’ve received the dividend?

It will be applied to your first bill following 31/8/21.

You will see an item named “Qld Govt Asset Ownership Dividend” with a credit amount of $50. 

What happens if I have a direct debit setup such as “bill smoothing” with regular pre-payments?

If you have a direct debit setup, you may notice that your next scheduled payment is decreased from the agreed amount.

What if my bill is small and goes into credit because of this dividend?

Your bill may go into credit, with no amount payable, and this credit will carry over to your next bill.

Will I receive the dividend if my electricity bill is overdue or I am behind on a payment plan?

Yes. All residential customers with an active electricity account will automatically be provided with the $50 Dividend rebate, regardless of the current status of their electricity bill.

Will I receive a dividend if I receive an electricity bill from the owner/operator, property manager or landlord of a holiday resort, caravan park, body corporate or embedded network?

Yes. A customer who receives their electricity bill from their landlord, property manager, park owner or body corporate based on their metered consumption, is eligible for the $50 Asset Ownership Dividend.

Any customer who hasn’t received this assistance by 30 September 2021 should contact their embedded network owner (body corporate, caravan park owner, etc).

I have more than one meter, for example a separate meter for a granny flat, will I get more than one dividend?

No. One $50 rebate will be applied per active electricity account. If a residential customer has more than one separately metered residential premises on the one site (e.g. a primary residence and a granny flat/shed), then the $50 rebate would apply to the primary residence only.

I have a rented granny flat or a paying boarder, will we both get the dividend?

No. One $50 rebate will be applied per active electricity account. If two residential premises on one site share a single account/electricity connection, then the $50 rebate would only apply once to the single electricity account.

Will I receive the dividend if electricity is included in my rent?

No. To receive the Dividend a customer must be separately charged for their electricity supply/consumption.

Do I get the rebate if I open an electricity account after 31 August 2021?

No, only residential customers who had an active electricity account on 31 August 2021 will receive the $50 credit.

If you switched retailers around this time, the credit will be applied to the bill that covers 31 August 2021.

Is the rebate to be applied to ‘unknown occupier accounts’ and vacant premises?

No. Unknown occupier accounts and vacant premises are not eligible for this Dividend.  

Will this dividend impact my concessions or solar feed in rebate?


Neither the Queensland Government solar feed-in tariff, nor any other retailer feed-in tariff will be affected.

Any Queensland Government concessions you are entitled to, such as the Electricity Rebate, will remain the same.