De-risking your Existing Embedded Network

With the change of legislation as of 1 January 2015, a Body Corporate with an existing embedded network is now required to obtain an exemption to be an on-seller of electricity and services. A breach of this legislation comes with a civil penalty. This means the Body Corporate is now exposed to all the risk as well as undertaking the huge administration burden, being suddenly responsible to all obligations including customer policies, life support registration, and general supply and debt responsibilities.

De-risking a Body Corporate from its on-selling obligations, LPE offers a straightforward, hassle free transfer service for a community with an existing embedded network to an LPE full retail service. This switch will bring with it the same great level of savings as well as an improved standard of service, and the highest level of consumer protection rights.

If you are concerned that your current network doesn’t meet the new on-selling guidelines, call LPE’s embedded network experts to find out how we can help.