Join LPE to access renewable electricity from your building's Shared Solar system.

Benefit from reduced electricity rates and clean, green energy

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Background: LPE + Your Body Corporate

Good news! Your body corporate has decided to install an LPE Shared Solar system for the benefit of your entire community! 

Soon, you can begin enjoying all the benefits of clean solar electricity, such as savings on your electricity bill and peace of mind about being part of a sustainable community.

If you have not yet joined LPE as your electricity supplier, sign up today so that you don't miss out.

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Still have questions about Shared Solar?

See our FAQs below.

Who are LPE?

LPE are your smarter, friendlier, better electricity provider. We're local and we supply everyday Queenslanders with smarter electricity solutions.

What is Shared Solar?

LPE have created a solar electricity solution that enables apartment complexes to become sustainable for the first time. Solar panels installed on the shared roof space convert the sun's energy into electricity like any other solar PV system. Then, this solar electricity is distributed to each apartment based on real time usage, or to common areas within your complexWatch this video to learn more.

Why Do We Need to Sign Up to LPE?

Only LPE customers will be able to benefit from the fully funded LPE Shared Solar system and reduced electricity rates (solar rates are lower than grid electricity rates). You can sign up here.

Are We Locked in for 15 Years?

LPE is funding the Shared Solar system, and so LPE and your Body Corporate have an agreement which lasts for 15 years. While you and other occupants are not locked in to this 15 year term, we hope you will see the benefits of solar electricity and choose to stay with LPE in the long run. Your support enables us to recover the significant capital investment into your community to make it more sustainable. Sign up today!

What if I’m an Owner / Investor Who Doesn’t Live on Site?

As per clause 21 of the contract signed by the body corporate, all investor owners are required to update their tenancy agreement so that tenants are aware that to access cheaper, solar electricity, they must join LPE.