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Should You Switch up Your Electricity Provider?

At LPE we try to keep things as simple as possible, but we know that changing providers can feel stressful, complicated and difficult – you might wonder whether it’s even worth making the switch.

So before you do, ask yourself these questions.

Am I happy with my current rate?

If you are happy with your current electricity bills then that’s great, and you might do well to stay as you are. But if your current electricity rate has risen a lot in recent years, or you feel like your bill is more than it should be, your first step is to figure out how you can maximise your electricity savings. If you are already using smart practices to save on your electricity usage but you’re getting slammed with large bills anyway, it could be the right time to change. Some providers lure customers in with complicated jargon, confusing discounts and dodgy deals that mean you end up paying much more than what you thought you agreed to. If this is the case, it’s absolutely best to make the switch to a provider that is more honest, where you know you aren’t being charged any hidden costs.

Do you want to support your electricity company?

In a country with as many great choices as Australia, we have the option to vote with our dollar. We all have our own values and ideals, and it’s best to support a company that matches up with them. If you are paying regularly for your service, you don’t want that money to be wasted. At LPE, our values are honesty, integrity, providing excellent service and most importantly supporting our local community as an Aussie business. Our support centre is located right here in QLD, instead of overseas. We also support the use of solar electricity at affordable rates, to promote sustainable power. So it’s worth checking out your current electricity company to find out if their values match yours.

Do you want to switch to solar?

Deciding whether or not to switch to solar is an important decision. You can read our blog about solar here to get some ideas. If you do want to switch, your current plan might end up overcharging you because your usage needs have changed. It’s also best to find somewhere that offers high-quality solar panels with a warranty and a place that will help you make the most of any government rebates you become eligible for. If your current supplier doesn’t support solar, it will be time to move on.

Are you happy with your customer service?

We all know the struggle of waiting for hours on the phone to then try and explain your problem to 5 different people in different departments with a poor connection. Or the frustration of talking to a robot or waiting for an eternity in an online chat queue. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you have been unhappy with your customer service, and you have found that you aren’t totally supported by your electricity supplier, that’s a sign to move on. Because you deserve better.

Other things to think about are the nitty-gritty terms of your contract (for example, are they flexible and fair, or inflexible and dodgy?), whether your service provider can support you in the area you move to if you are moving house, and whether your gas and electricity are going to be with just one company, or two. A good idea is to write down your answers to these questions, and do some research. Make a pros and cons list or chat with your friends about their experiences and their service providers.

If you’re ready to flick the switch onto a better electricity plan, then contact us here!