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Installing Solar Roof QLD

Solar-generated electricity - environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable.

Solar isn’t just renewable, there is potential to save money on electricity bills if you use more electricity generated by sunlight and  less power supplied by the traditional grid. 

We are proud to have solar experts who are able to work with homes, businesses and strata communities to provide the perfect solar solution for any situation.

Why are so many Aussie's installing solar?

  • Wallet 90 Save money on your bill

    The number one reason for installing solar is because it lowers the cost of your electricity bills. With tariff changes, a little more action is required. LPE is here to help you utilise your solar-generated electricity through usage habits, innovative technology and the most optimal tariff structure.

  • Thumb up More affordable than ever

    Systems are more affordable than ever before and easy to install at home, work or in a strata community

  • Sun fog 29 Good for the environment

    Solar Electricity is a renewable electricity source with a positive social and environmental impact.

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Our solar solutions

LPE offers Queenslander’s a range of innovative solar options to suit modern and sustainable communities.

Home Solar

We offer tailored solar systems for your home at the best rate - backed by LPE as an authorised electricity retailer. There are plenty of benefits to getting solar electricity in your home today - and we help give you the expert advice on the system, the tariffs or rates, and saving money, that you need to make an informed decision. Our solar experts can chat with you about what solar solution will suit you today!

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Residential solar roof

Solar for Apartments

No matter where you live in Queensland and New South Wales, we’ve got you covered. We have a range of exclusive and innovative solar solutions for community living. Many people think solar is too difficult because they live in an apartment or townhouse. Now, for the first time, those in multi-tenanted complexes can consider and decide on a very beneficial and sustainable option tailored for each site. Depending on the configuration of your site’s utilities, there are possibilities to offset hot water or other services. !

LPE offers solar solutions for many different scenarios.  We’ll tailor a solar system for your building  that can include smart technology to monitor, divert or store solar energy - perfect for rainy days or when the sun is not shining or not shining enough to generate all of your electricity usage. We offer support, repairs and maintenance for the term of our agreement with you. Find out more!

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