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Get smarter sustainable electricity solutions.

Looking for a solution that will help your home to become sustainable? We have a range of Solar and Battery options for you to use clean renewable electricity and potentially save on your electricity bills.

Our Solar and Battery Solutions

Discover all the ways we are driving sustainable homes and communities of our future. LPE offers a range of Solar and Battery options to suit your home, apartment or townhouse community.
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Home Solar and Battery

Make your home smarter for a sustainable future with our solar and battery solution. Chat to one of our sustainable electricity experts today and find out how to live greener, cheaper and better.

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Shared Solar for Apartments and Townhouses

LPE’s Shared Solar for Apartments solution makes sustainable living affordable, accessible, and stress-free. You don’t need to fork out any funds upfront or spend hours researching and organising installation and maintenance. Instead, you enter a supply term with LPE, during which we cover installation and ongoing work at no cost to you.

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