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LPE Solar Bank Explained: How Our Solar and Battery Solution Works

Solar and Battery systems are often complex by nature, but the industry jargon surrounding them can make it even harder to understand how these hi-tech systems work.

If words and phrases like "VPP" and "electricity events" are leaving you with more questions than answers, you can rest assured that you’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

At LPE, we exist to bring you smarter, more sustainable solutions that make your life easier, not harder. So let's take a quick look at how our Solar and Battery solution, the LPE Solar Bank, works and benefits you, your community, and the environment.

How Does an LPE Solar Bank Work? 

LPE's Solar Bank is a solar, battery and rewards system that gives you total control of your electricity.

How the solar part works

  • Your solar panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.
  • Your inverter then converts this electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity.
  • Your home uses this electricity during the day, rather than paying for traditional electricity from the grid.   

How the battery part works 

  • If you have a DC battery system, DC electricity from your solar system is banked directly in your battery.
  • If you have an AC battery system, DC electricity is first converted to AC electricity through your inverter, and then back to DC electricity for your battery.
  • Your battery allows you to use this stored solar electricity when you need it, such as when it’s overcast outside, or throughout the night.   

How the rewards part works   

  • Every now and then, there are opportunities to contribute electricity (stored in your battery) to the grid as part of LPE's VPP program. (See ‘What is a VPP?’ below). 
  • These opportunities usually occur when the grid needs more electricity.    
  • Being part of our VPP program allows us to share your solar electricity when the grid is under the most strain, helping in the transition to a cleaner, lower emission energy future.   
  • We’ll reward you with monthly credits for contributing your solar electricity to the grid - all managed by LPE so you don’t have to do a thing.    
  • You'll receive your monthly credit, regardless of whether you have supported the grid that month, and we’ll also pay you a feed-in tariff for any electricity exported.      

What is a VPP? 

A VPP, or Virtual Power Plant, in simple terms is a network of solar batteries that can provide energy to the grid during electricity events (See ‘What is an Electricity Event?’ below). 

When the grid needs more electricity, it can use electricity from these batteries, rather than burning more fossil fuels.

At LPE, we call our VPP the Solar Bank Network.

When you get a Solar Bank, your battery is automatically connected to our Solar Bank Network, so you can help your community by contributing electricity to the grid when it needs it most – while getting rewarded at the same time!   

What is an Electricity Event?   

An electricity event (or just "event") is any time that there is a strain on the electricity grid. This could be due to a natural disastera power station failingextreme weather patterns, or just high demand.   

When such an event occurs, LPE draws on our Solar Bank Network to help support the electricity grid, ensuring that everyone gets the electricity they need.   

So What's in It for You?     

Firstly, an LPE Solar Bank helps you move towards a more self-sufficient way of living — your home will generate your electricity for you, meaning you'll rely less on the grid and other market forces that affect it.     

Secondly, that self-sufficiency is all thanks to sustainable electricity. And the more clean, solar electricity our Solar Bank Network generates, the less reliant we will all be on electricity produced by burning fossil fuels and polluting our air.      

Thirdly, more LPE Solar Banks supporting the grid means a more stable electricity market, reducing the need for expensive network upgrades like more poles and wires. Over time, this means lower electricity prices for everybody.      

All this, in addition to receiving monthly credits on your electricity bill for joining the Solar Bank Network.        


We hope we've answered your questions about how LPE's Solar Bank works. If you have any more questions, please call us on 1800 040 168, or request a quote here.