Video & Transcript for Shared Solar Case Study

SolShare Shared Solar Case Study

LPE - Shared Solar for Apartments

Speaker 1 (00:12): Damien Glanville, LPE CEO

This is the first system of its type, where you're using one solar system across multiple customers.

In an environment like this, where they have one shared roof, there's arguments over who can access the roof. 

The shared solar system enables both bottom and top floor access to solar energy. 

Instead of having 25 inverters hanging on a wall, you've got one inverter and one distribution centre.

The real key is that this solar system will divert solar electricity to the customers in real time. So if one neighbor is demanding more solar electricity, they'll get more. So it's not wasted.

The financial benefits are very simple. The customers get access to solar electricity cheaper than what they would purchase electricity from the grid.

Our goal is to create sustainable communities. And we do that by funding, the capital requirement to actually put the solar system on.

We recover our costs through the sale of solar, electricity, to the customers. 

Speaker 2 (01:10): Christine Pullin, Noosa Keys Onsite Manager

With LPE. it was a win-win situation because there was no capital costs involved for the owners. And everybody is now going to get a reduction on their power bill. It's just a no brainer - going green, and we're helping the environment. 

Speaker 3 (01:25): Darren Tanti, LPE Electrician

Buildings like this, they're just not suitable for the traditional solar model. Where this allows us to install one central array on a shared rooftop. So it's just unlocked so many sites that wouldn't be able to receive the benefit of solar. It's a world first Australian owned and made concept.  From the Solshare unit, it feeds up to 15 metering points. The panels and the inverter is exactly like a traditional solar system. It's cost-effective and a lot quicker for installation.

Speaker 3 (02:06):  Juanita Bloomfield, Tourism Noosa Environment & Sustainability Manager

Zen, Zero Emissions Noosa, is a community group started in 2016. Tourism Noosa joined with Noosa council and the community, trying to achieve zero net emissions by 2026. 

LPE being able to provide a service, individual for resorts, especially one that doesn't cost upfront, it's right there. Our favorite saying is “Solar. It's a no brainer.”

Speaker 1 (02:31):

We’re a Sunshine Coast-based company founded on the Sunshine Coast. We're an electricity provider that supports all Queensland markets. We're committed to our community by sponsoring community groups, or sporting clubs, also employing the local best talent in the communities. We see the future as purely being education and new technology. We just want to make it fair and transparent so customers understand what they're paying for and when they're paying for it

Speaker 4 (02:58): Narrator

By utilising the award-winning Solshare technology by Australian company Allume, LPE is leading the way for strata communities in Australia and implementing innovative cost-effective solutions that add solar to traditional electricity supply. 

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