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Supporting Locals When It Matters Most

When every choice counts – choose local

Times are tough at the moment. That’s why it’s important to embrace the best of our generous Aussie spirit and to bond together in this time of need. Australians are great at looking out for their mates in a crisis, at seeing the brighter side of life, and at appreciating the little things. That’s why we’re trusting Australians to support each other at this moment. A key part of preserving our economy in difficult periods like the current COVID-19 epidemic is choosing local businesses that are doing right by Australians and by their employees. 

Extra thoughtfulness will go a long way at the moment, and every choice counts.

We recommend shopping for locally sourced food to support our farmers, travelling within Australia when it is safe to do so to aid our tourism industries, and switching your regular service providers to Australian businesses.  It may take some investigation and some small lifestyle changes, but these are the times when our choices really matter. Right now, we need to be thoughtful and caring in everything we do.  An offer of help for our elderly neighbour, a smile to a stressed worker, a thank-you to our nurses and teachers all go a long way to lighting up each other’s lives. We are so happy to see these things happening all around us. We aren’t worried because we know the resilient QLD spirit will shine through, and we trust our community.

LPE is incredibly proud to be local like you and based right here in the Sunshine Coast.  We understand that electricity is a necessity and we want to reassure our customers that we will make sure it’s one thing you don’t have to worry about at the moment. If you’re staying at home, it’s essential that your house is a nice place to be, with the right heating and cooling, the lights on, and everything that you need right where you are. 

By joining LPE, you are helping an Aussie business to keep their lights on, and you’re supporting your locals – the community, local jobs and our local economy. 

And in turn, we will take care of you. Join LPE today.