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Temporary Builders’ Electricity Supply

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Are you a builder or developer with a site that needs electricity?

LPE supply electricity needs for temporary sites.

We work with builders, developers and electricians to determine their site needs, as local Queenslanders we know how things work and how to keep things simple on-site.
We will ensure the correct meter is installed for your new build and we have flexible terms so you can get on building, without any worries.  We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and friendly and relatable experts. 

Why LPE for our Builders Supply?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service with dedicated experts.

  • We have 10 years of experience in delivering large-scale electricity solutions and aim to continue to build on our expertise, focusing on local, sustainable and reliable products that we can offer at the best prices.

  • We have thousands of satisfied customers and we are continuing to grow our market share as we provide solutions that come with a lower cost of living and a high level of quality customer service, including a call centre based right here in Australia. The fact that we are knowledgeable Aussies with ethical business practices and a focus on customer care means that we have ongoing customer loyalty – they support us just as we support them.

For more information on our temporary builders supply, contact us today!