Moving or Closing Accounts

I’m moving and have so much to do! What do I do regarding my electricity?

Relax, it's quick and easy. Just call 1800 040 168 or provide your details online ( Our customer care team will take care of everything - including cancelling your old account and making sure electricity is on when you move in to your new address.

You'll receive an email from us confirming your move and we’ll also keep you updated with SMS or email to let you know where everything’s at. Best of all, we will also contact your old energy provider to disconnect your old address and arrange your final bill. No awkward goodbyes!! You can concentrate on packing and moving. LPE takes on the job of organising your electricity.

If you’re moving out, and a housemate is staying in the house, make sure you talk to us before you disconnect. We can arrange the transfer of your account to whoever is responsible after you leave.

What’s the deal with apartment buildings and embedded networks?

If you've been told that we supply the electricity at your new apartment, give us a call on 1800 040 168 to learn more about embedded network plans and sign up.

Some sites have their own online sign up page and your letting agent, onsite manager or body corporate committee may have given this to you. If not … just call and we'll get it sorted!

In an embedded network, is there a risk that I am paying for other tenants' electricity?

No. Each unit has their own meter, which is read, recorded, and billed each month. You will only pay for your own electricity usage and receive your own bill just like a normal property.

How is the meter read in an embedded network?

LPE employs Meter Readers to manually read the meters at each embedded network complex. They read every meter each billing cycle, as well as at the start and end of any account. Your bill is based on actual reads (not estimates) and you only pay for the power used in your unit.

Can I read my own meter in an Embedded Network?

Due to safety regulations and to ensure accuracy for everyone's meter reads, access to embedded network meters is restricted to authorised personnel. If you want to view your meter, please call 1800 040 168 so that we can arrange for someone to accompany you and keep everyone safe.