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Where can I find your rates?

LPE provides electricity to many types of customers with different requirements. To help us understand the best option for you, we firstly identify if you are within an embedded network multi-tenanted sites, you are within a common area community, whether solar is involved, or what individual residential or business tariffs apply to your meter.

To make sure we give you the most accurate rate, we prefer to chat to you in person on 1800 040 168 or you can email our customer care team at for a call back. You can also apply on line if your investigations are complete. It's quick and easy to go to and click the Join Your Home or Join Your Business button to provide your details. Our customer care team will take care of everything and will contact you to discuss rate if necessary. Everything will be explained in the LPE Welcome Pack which will be emailed to you.

What is a tariff?

A tariff governs how you are charged for your energy. The most common types of tariffs are single rate and time of use.

A single rate tariff, also known as a flat rate, does not have peak or off-peak time periods. You pay the same rate always regardless of the time of the day you use energy. 

A time of use tariff, sometimes referred to by the acronym TOU, applies different rates at different times of the day for peak (when rates costs the most), off-peak (when it’s the cheapest rate) and shoulder (when it’s between peak and off-peak rates). The most expensive rates at Peak times are when most people are using the most amount of electricity and placing a higher demand on the electricity grid. Peak, Off-peak and Shoulder timeframes are set by your network distributor.

If you have a digital meter, you may be transitioned to a new tariff with an additional Peak Demand tariff by your network distributor. Digital meters may have been installed at your property if you have a solar PV system, your old meter was replaced or your home is a new build. Too find out more, have a look at our info flyer "Digital Metering and the Impact on you Bills", call 1800 040 168 or email, and our customer care team will be happy to help.