Future-Proof Your Home with an LPE Solar Bank (for $0 Upfront)

LPE’s Solar Bank is a solar, battery and rewards system that gives you total control of your electricity. 

Worry less about electricity costs, and focus more on living in a sustainable, self-sufficient home – while getting rewarded at the same time.  

Chat to our solar experts today to find out what your potential savings could be.

Solar Power, Your Way

  • Australia Blue 256px 1 2021 12 11 120830 cysq I want the Solar + Battery + Rewards package

    Enquire about your new Solar Bank today. We offer a range of payment options, including $0 upfront.

  • Eco Friendly Blue 256px 1 2021 12 11 120844 jeyh I’ve already got Solar but want to add Battery + Rewards

    Already got a solar system? Use your existing panels and we’ll sort out the rest!

Why Join LPE’s Solar Bank Network?

What is an LPE Solar Bank?

Step 1

The panels on your roof convert sunlight into your very own clean, solar electricity 

Step 2

Your home uses this electricity during the day

Step 3

Your battery also stores this solar electricity to power your home at night

Step 4

From time to time, you can contribute electricity to the grid

Step 5

We'll reward you with guaranteed monthly credits on your electricity bill


How can I join LPE's Solar Bank Network (VPP)?

All you need to do is purchase a Solar Bank through LPE! Once you’re up and running, you'll receive a guaranteed monthly credit on your electricity bill for contributing electricity to the grid - all managed by LPE so you don’t have to do a thing.

How will getting a Solar Bank impact my electricity bills?

In addition to receiving monthly bill credits and an LPE feed-in-tariff for any exported solar electricity; you can reduce your electricity bills by changing your electricity usage habits to ensure you’re using the clean, solar electricity you’ve generated and stored yourself with your new LPE Solar Bank! Chat to our solar experts today to find out what your potential savings could be

Can I bring my own solar panels?

Yes — if you already have solar, we can use your existing solar panels for your new Solar Bank. 

How and when will LPE manage my battery?

Using smart technology, LPE experts may discharge your battery during high demand events and may charge your battery during times of excess. The monthly reward credits applied to your bill will cover any charge costs and you’ll also receive the LPE feed-in-tariff for any exported solar electricity.  

Can I leave the Solar Bank Network or switch electricity retailers?

To qualify for your new Solar Bank, you'll need to stay a part of the LPE Solar Bank Network for a minimum of five years. Unfortunately, if you're thinking of moving house within this time, this product probably isn't for you. In saying that, we have other ways to save you money on your electricity bills, so contact us today to see how we can help.  

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