Hot water solutions are suitable for:

  • B check Multi-tenanted residential buildings

  • Water sink Some existing residential buildings requiring a retrofit to their hot water system.

  • Thumb up New commercial and residential projects


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Carbon Neutral Hot Water

LPE Carbon Zero hot water systems provide energy efficient, low-cost hot water solutions for the community.

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Serviced Hot Water

LPE centralised serviced hot water systems use central hot water plants to supply hot water to apartments in residential buildings.

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Bulk Managed Hot Water

Bulk hot water is generated by a centralised plant which is designed to supply the total requirements of hot water to all apartments within a complex.

Why LPE for Centralised Hot Water

Automated billing LPE manages billing of hot water for each apartment.

You do not need to coordinate this.

We quality guarantee the system

From design and installation to repairs and maintenance, we take care of it all for you

We make sure it's insured

Your solar system is quality guaranteed by an ASX listed Electricity supplier.


The design of the hot water plant and the supply of hot water at the outlet of the plant is the responsibility of LPE.

Tailored solution from design to execution

LPE works with you from the design stage of the project to ensure seamless integration of the hot water system.

Proven experience

Leverage the technical expertise of LPE’s hot water industry specialists.

Why Centralised Hot Water?

Own Meter

Each apartment still has its own meter, so you’re only ever charged for what you use.


The centralised hot water system means hot water is supplied to each individual apartment without a hot water tank taking up space in those apartments.

Lower risk of leaks

A centralised hot water plant reduces the risk of water leaks in the building as there is no hot water storage in the individual apartments.


Residents have a continuous supply of hot water, without the space constraints of housing individual electric hot water systems.