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Embedded networks enable communities to reduce the cost of their electricity bills through the gathering of the electricity consumed within a whole complex to a single metered point. If your site is a multi-tenanted complex, an embedded network may be a great option for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do embedded network solutions work?

With an LPE embedded network, all electricity for a complex is purchased via one meter that is connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM). This meter is called the parent meter. This electricity is then supplied to all individual apartments via their privately owned meters. Your LPE embedded network solution allows you to maximise your savings for common areas and individual apartments. LPE purchases all the electricity via one meter and then supplies it to all apartments via privately owned meters, which means each apartment is billed for only the electricity they use. Plus, with a parent meter in place, you’ll only have one network supply charge that’s divided across the community, instead of one for every meter - so you’ll save even more money.

Do we get individual meters?

The biggest asset that embedded networks provide occupants is the knowledge that each property is charged for its individual usage. In older buildings, the cost of electricity in the common areas is passed on to the owners and in effect, passed on to tenants. Embedded Networks allocate individual meters to each property and to the common areas, this ensures that occupants are only paying for the electricity consumed at their property. The body corporate can then manage the common area meters and usage, reducing the strata fees of property owners so these charges are not passed on to tenants. Everyone is a winner with LPE’s embedded networks.

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