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South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales Floods

As heavy rain and floods continue to impact our region, we wanted to extend our heartfelt sympathy to all who have been affected and let you know we're here to help. If your property has been impacted by flood water and / or power outages, here is what we suggest you do:

1) Contact your electricity distributor

Your distributor is responsible for the supply of electricity to your property – that is, the poles and wires so if your power is out, you need to call them.

Distributors are different depending on your area: 

  • If you live in South East Queensland, your distributor is Energex (PH: 13 62 62). 
  • If you live outside of South East Queensland, your distributor is Ergon (PH: 13 22 96)
  • If you live in Northern New South Wales, your distributor may be Essential Energy (PH: 13 20 80), Ausgrid (PH: 13 13 88), or Endeavour (PH:13 10 03). 
  • If you are unsure, please visit the Australian Energy Regulator website or check your bill.

2) Check for updates

Observe your local electricity distributor's website and social media page for updates on any outages that may be affecting you.

3) Wait for your electricity distributor to attend your site to turn the power back on

Your electricity distributor needs to inspect your property to determine whether or not it is safe to "re-energise" the site (which means turn your power back on). 

NOTE: If it is unsafe, your distributor will issue a form or notice. A form or notice will require you to engage a licensed electrician to ensure your wiring, switchboard, or mains connection is electrically safe after the damage / flooding has occurred. You will need to contact the electrician yourself to rectify any electrical faults, and then the electrician will lodge an Electrical Work Request to organise for your power to be turned back on (or "re-energised").

4) See if you are eligible to receive financial assistance

The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment is a lump sum payment of $1000 for eligible adults and $400 for each eligible child. You can claim this payment if your home has been severely damaged or destroyed as a direct result of the floods, or if you've been seriously injured.

You may also be able to claim Disaster Recovery Allowance for up to 13 weeks, starting from the date you lost income.

Centrelink debt raising and new debt recovery has also been paused in affected locations.

Visit Services Australia for more information.