Why invest in solar?

Solar can save you a few dollars on your electricity bills, and it's environmentally friendly!

  • Document Blue 256px 1 2021 12 01 051353 tlkv Save money on your electricity bills

    The number one reason most people want to install solar is to reduce their electricity bills. Despite the recent tariff changes (applied by the distributor), saving money with solar is still possible, but a solid understanding of your home electricity usage patterns during the peak demand period, as well as a conscious effort to use electricity in a smarter way, is required. LPE can give you expert advice on this tariff change as well as our top tips on how to maximise your savings with solar.

  • Document Blue 256px 1 2021 12 01 051353 tlkv More affordable than ever

    Solar systems are now more affordable than ever before. They're also easy to install. Talk to our experts today about which system is right for you.

  • Document Blue 256px 1 2021 12 01 051353 tlkv Suitable for the Australian environment

    We get a lot of sun in Queensland, so we're well positioned to harness all its energy as a renewable electricity source. Say yes to the positive social and environmental impact solar can bring you and your family today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why get a solar system installed?

1. Number one reason - solar electricity can reduce your electricity bill.

2. Solar systems are more affordable than ever before and easy to install.

3. Solar is a renewable energy source. It has a positive social and environmental impact.

Is my solar system guaranteed?

Your solar system is backed by an ASX listed electricity provider.

How do I know what size solar system is suitable for my home?

We will use our decade of experience to make sure you have a solar system that suits your needs and maximises your savings. There is no complicated discounts or jargon needed. That means less time worrying about your electricity bill.

How does a solar system work?

The photovoltaic panels (PV) produce high voltage direct current (DC) that is turned into standard household 240V alternating current (AC) by the inverter. Each kW of panels installed in South East Queensland produces approximately 4.2kWh of power per day on average. This is because there are 4.2 sun hours when the installed panels are operating at their highest output. Even though there are many more hours of sunlight, the main operating state occurs between 10 am and 3 pm. 

The important aspect of this from your perspective is the benefit of the system’s output. Energy produced from your solar system that you use immediately in the house will reduce your bill by the amount that it would cost to buy the electricity from your provider. Solar electricity generated over and above the amount your household uses is exported into the grid and you receive a feed in tariff from LPE.

What's the short and sweet version of that?

It’s a bit complicated, so here’s the short and sweet version if you just want a general idea.

We’ll install solar panels that store and convert energy from the sun into usable household energy for your home. These panels make the most energy when the sun is the strongest, usually in the middle of the day. It benefits you because when you use solar, you’re making your own electricity instead of buying it from your provider. If you make more than you use, your provider will send the electricity into the grid and give you a tariff in exchange!

It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

Types of roofs that LPE install solar on?

We install solar on all roof types. 

For more information, please contact us on info@localityenergy.com.au or 1800 040 168.

Does it matter that I have a multi-story house?


We can install solar on all types of homes.

Why pick our solar systems?

We use tier 1 photovoltaic panels (Solar PV) panels. Our panels are made from the highest quality materials which are among the best in the industry. Your solar system is quality guaranteed by an ASX listed company. The solar panels are fitted by accredited and licensed electricians so you can rest easy knowing they’ll be perfectly installed the first time. 2019 model inverter. Class-leading peak efficiency of 97.5%.

Why choose LPE?

When you choose LPE as your solar provider, you also get an authorised electricity provider. That’s a plus! We can take care of you every step of the way and for the years to come - for your solar system and for your electricity supply. As your local electricity provider and solar experts, we’ll make sure you have the system that’s right for you, your home and your bank account. It’s that simple.