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How to Read Your Electricity Bills

Here at LPE, we’re working to make electricity (and your life!) simpler and easier, because nobody wants to be dealing with a headache when it comes time to pay the bills. That’s why we’re writing about how to understand your electricity bills, and how to get the most out of the information they give you. This is an important first step in helping you to begin saving money on your electricity bills.

We know it’s tempting to ignore all the usage information about our electricity and why we are being charged what we are being charged and simply pay to get it out of the way. Bills aren’t exactly exciting reading. But it’s worth taking the time to look over them – and we’re here to make that much easier.

Here is a breakdown of our electricity bills (Embedded network customers, scroll down!). We’ve added numbers to each section so you can read a description of them. We’d suggest you pay extra attention to the section about your average daily usage as that can help you find your exact spikes in electricity and helping you to figure out when and how you can reduce them to save money.

Embedded Network Customers

We know your electricity bill is not exciting and there is never a good time to try and understand it, some of our team members discuss it on date night dinner! If you would like any further support in understanding your bill please call our friendly, local experts to help talk you through it- 1800 040 168.