Life Support

Life Support

Should I advise LPE that I, or someone at my premises, require registration for life support equipment?

Yes, you should advise LPE that life support equipment is required on the premises and we will register your details immediately.

How does a life support customer confirm that they require registration for life support equipment?

For your life support registration to be valid, we will need written confirmation from a registered medical practitioner. This can be done by completing the Medical Confirmation form. You can find the Medical Confirmation form here. To ensure your medical practitioner is registered, visit

If you have provided a medical confirmation form to your previous retailer you may reuse this provided it is not more than 4 years old and legible. Please contact your previous retailer to obtain a copy.

If you do not provide LPE with confirmation from a registered medical practitioner, the supply address may cease to be registered as requiring life support equipment.

Can a life support registration relate to any person residing at the premises?

Yes, LPE registers a premises as requiring life support equipment for any person who resides at the address.

Can a life support registration relate to multiple premises?

Yes, each premises will require a separate registration. However, multiple registrations can relate to one customer. We need to make sure that ALL addresses where life support equipment is required are registered.

Does my life support registration guarantee continuous 24-hour power supply?

No, Life support registration means that if your energy retailer or distributor plans to interrupt your power supply for maintenance, repairs, or other works, they will let you know in advance so you can organise an alternative power source. Unexpected power outages can still occur (for example, during a storm). Having a back-up plan in place is essential even if you are a registered life support customer.

My premises is registered as having life support equipment – what should I do during an unplanned power supply interruption?

LPE recommends having an emergency plan in place for such circumstances. If a person’s health or life is under threat, they should either attend the nearest hospital or dial ‘000’. Once you are registered as a life support customer, you will receive a fact sheet outlining important contact numbers and guidance on how to handle planned and unplanned power interruptions – you can refer to this or ask for another copy of the fact sheet by calling LPE on 1800 040 168.

When LPE is planning to, or is aware of a distributor’s plan to interrupt supply, how much notice will life support customers receive?

Customers will receive at least four business days written notice giving details of the date, time and duration the interruption is scheduled for. Otherwise, LPE can obtain explicit consent from a life support customer for a planned interruption occurring on a specified date. The four business days does not include the actual day you receive the notice.

My premises is registered as having life support equipment – what should I do if I move to a new house?

You are required to advise LPE of any changes in the need for life support equipment. If you’re planning on moving to a new house, you will need to obtain a new medical confirmation form stating your new address.

What should I do if the person who relies on life support equipment is no longer residing at my premises?

You are required to advise LPE if the person for whom the life support equipment is no longer residing at the premises or no longer requires the life support equipment.

What is the Electricity Life Support Concession Scheme?

The Electricity Life Support Concession Scheme provides financial assistance to seriously ill people who use home-based life support systems  provided they have been medically assessed in accordance with the eligibility criteria determined by your states health authority.

In QLD, this rebate for Life Support is managed by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors. To apply, see the Department's Electricity life support concession page.

Please note, In QLD this concession is only available to those who require oxygen concentrators or kidney dialysis machines. Other life support equipment is not currently covered.

For customers in NSW, you must complete the application form supplied by the NSW government and send this to LPE at You can find this form here

Please note, NSW customers will have to resubmit this form every 2 years.

For more information, please see our Life Support Fact Sheet