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LPE Brings Shared Solar to Aussies Living in Apartments

LPE is changing the electricity game in Australia. With over 2 million people enjoying solar, those in apartments have been missing out – until now.

LPE has created a solar electricity solution for apartment living that finally enables apartment complexes to a shared solar solution. LPE has created this solution to help create sustainable strata communities for the future, who have struggled for years for fair solar solutions. This is the most cost-effective option yet, and one that presents no risk to residents or body-corporates. There is also a range of social benefits – such as giving access to solar and clean electricity to all apartment complexes including those in lower socioeconomic communities that otherwise couldn’t afford it. 

Until now, there has been no product that can utilize a single shared roof space, and investors who own strata properties have not wanted to invest their own capital in solar technology. With LPE’s Solar for Apartment's solution, LPE supply and maintain the Solar system at no capital cost to the body corporate or residents, and the solar electricity is much less costly for residents than general grid electricity. This means that everyone benefits and there is an incentive to take the sustainable option.

Brendan Hays, Chair of Urban apartment’s body corporate said, after a successful pilot program: “We have been wanting to install solar for many years but no solution worked for all residents and the body corporate community. With LPE and Allume we managed to not only have the solar system installed by LPE at no cost to us or the residents, but we can now enjoy the benefits of cheaper, greener electricity. Our residents feel good knowing that they are helping the environment by using renewable power and they are saving money whilst doing it.” Many future pilot programs across New South Wales and Queensland are rolling out with similar anticipated success.

Each system is designed to generate enough solar electricity to support a strata community’s daytime electricity needs. Electricity is distributed in real-time across all residents within the complex, allowing maximum on-site solar usage, leading to optimised savings for residents. LPE then combines the solar and general grid electricity consumed into a single, easy to understand bill.

Over 1.5 million Australians living in apartments within strata schemes located throughout Queensland and New South Wales will be able to access the solution.   

Damien Glanville, LPE CEO, believes there is no better way to save on electricity bills whilst also creating a sustainable community. He says that “ This is the first time strata apartment communities have had a decent solution that allows all residents to access a shared solar solution with one rooftop installation that gives them fair access to the savings generated from solar and allows them to become a sustainable community.” LPE is looking forward to providing an accessible solution for all communities to become sustainable and reduce costs.

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