Introducing LPE Shared Solar for Strata bringing shared solar to apartments and townhouses for the first time.

This unique electricity supply model utilises the latest innovative renewable technology enabling apartments to share solar electricity from one solar PV system using the award-winning SolShare device.

We fund, supply and maintain the solar system. It’s designed to generate enough solar electricity to support a residents’ daytime usage and supply the remaining traditional electricity at LPE’s best, simple rates.

Benefits of LPE Shared Solar for Strata:

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Funded by LPE

LPE will fund, supply, and maintain a solar PV system that provides access to shared solar electricity in real time for apartment occupants and the common area. That means no upfront costs for the body corporates, owners or occupiers.

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Everyone wins

This solution overcomes all barriers for sustainable energy supply for apartment living. No arguments over roof space and who can use it in your strata community – there is one system shared by everyone. Solar electricity usage is metered individually ensuring that each occupant pays only for their usage. Unused solar electricity becomes available for other occupants or the common area.

One best rate upfront

Save money with solar electricity at a lower rate than traditional electricity supply plus LPE’s best rate for your address for traditional electricity usage when the solar system is not generating electricity.

One easy to understand bill

You receive one easy to understand bill for only the solar and traditional electricity used at your individual apartment, property or townhouse.

Why choose LPE for your solar strata needs?

Solar Experts
We're Local
We’re experienced
Solar for strata urban

We are strata and solar experts. We do the hard work for you.

We work with the body corporate to ensure the solar system suits your building’s needs. We share our knowledge and help you to understand your electricity usage and charges for both solar and traditional electricity. Plus we are happy to give you answers, tips and hints to help you lower your electricity bills.
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We're here right when you need us.

Our team is local and our customer care centre is based in Queensland. You’ll enjoy personalised service in the same time zone and we are aware of our local communities. Joining LPE means you are supporting another local Australian business that employs locals, chooses local sub-contractors and supports local causes.
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Our 10 years’ experience in solar means we really know our stuff

LPE is the strata community energy specialist. We tailor innovative solutions for supplying apartment buildings with electricity networks, centralised hot water and other utilities as well as sustainable or renewable technology.
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We quality guarantee the system.

LPE has been registered since 2014 with the Australian Energy Regulator as an authorised electricity retailer, is governed by the Energy Ombudsman in Queensland ( and New South Wales ( and is an ASX-listed company. That’s a lot of peace of mind and experience when it comes to who is backing your solar system. We also designate equipment and local contractors based on providing high quality and longevity of product, performance and warranties.

How LPE Solar Strata works?

With this solution, you and your community get everything you need to enjoy the benefits of solar electricity savings - without the upfront outlay of high costs.

Step 1

LPE work with body corporate to design a system that generates enough solar electricity to support the whole property’s solar daytime electricity needs.

Step 2

Switch your electricity supply to LPE. LPE provides our best rate upfront for traditional electricity plus a lower rate for solar electricity. Buying your electricity from LPE is how we recover our costs to supply and maintain the solar system … which helps your community save even more.

Step 3

Funded, supplied and maintained by LPE.

Our goal is to create sustainable communities of the future. That's why the capital investment, is an investment LPE makes. LPE will supply, install and maintain the entire solar PV system with SolShare technology with no upfront costs for your body corporate, owners or occupiers. We recover our costs through the sale of electricity to customers.

Step 4

After installation is complete, the sun’s energy converts to electricity through the rooftop solar panels and inverter like any other solar PV system. Then the smart technology of the SolShare unit monitors and distributes solar electricity based on real time usage of each occupant or common area within your strata apartment complex or commercial centre..

Step 5

LPE then combines the solar and traditional electricity consumed into a single, easy to understand bill for each resident and body corporate common area.

Enjoy the benefits!

Residents, owners and body corporate can feel good knowing they are using clean renewable electricity and saving money whilst doing it. Plus, their community is now sustainable.

Solar in strata

Get LPE's Solar for Strata

With LPE SolShare offer for strata solar, your community gets a solar system installed on your roof - at no cost to you. Enjoy the solar savings, plus LPE’s best rates for solar and traditional electricity.

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